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Exway Wave Hub

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 Exway Wave Hub 10.55 inches wide x 30 inches long x 6.6 inches tall

Can travel up to 23mph with a range of 12 miles on a single charge.

Exceptionally Portable, Fast-Swap Battery, Integrated Programmable Light System, Electric Cruiser, E Board

Wave offers better control and portability.  Repace a complete battery in less than 10 seconds.  Advanced design and smart lighting function.  It's the dream E board.  It has everything you want.  This is an evolution for electric skateboards.

Incredible control is found in the downloadable App.  Set maximum speeds and braking.  Control lighting.  A handheld remote alerts you to intense battery usage that could damage battery lifespan.

One of the only batteries in E boarding that reduces its charge while at rest, extending the overall duration and battery lifespan by protecting itself.  

Exway Wave is not only smaller in size and weight but also meets the performance needed for daily use.  You can put it under your seat, throw it in a suitcase, the possibilities are endless.

Also, a shorter distance between the front and rear trucks with the kick tail design leads to unparalleled agility.

The standard-equipped tail puck can better protect the deck without having to worry about wearing down the deck.