Es Footwear Muska Grey Shoes OG1

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Es Footwear Muska Grey Shoes OG1

The re-release of Chad Muska's original pro shoe from 1997 is here. It's none other than the iconic éS Muska, the most sought-after éS shoe of all time, making a limited-time comeback. Few individuals have left as profound an impact on skateboarding as Chad Muska, affectionately known as "The Muska." With a unique blend of natural talent, charisma, and strength, The Muska will infuse every skate session with an abundance of creative energy.

Key features of the legendary éS Muska shoe include:

- A combination of nubuck leather and mesh in the upper for a stylish yet durable design.
- A molded PU cage that adds durability and support to the quarter and heel mesh areas.
- A discreet stash pocket cleverly integrated into the tongue.
- Reinforced rubber toe cap and ollie area accents to enhance longevity.
- Custom molded eyelets to protect your laces.
- A rugged rubber quarter guard for extra durability.
- Convenient lace toggle and heelpull tab for easy on and off.