Today, we are excited to unveil our special capsule collection with Alien Workshop, a brand that has provided a ton of skateboarding inspiration to so many through their visual communications since 1990.
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Celebrate 30 Years of Southside Skatepark

This collaboration is to celebrate 30 years of Southside Skatepark supporting skateboarding since 1994. The top graphic proudly showcases the Alien logo, with a customized twist – the text now reads "Southside" with the iconic hex 'o' and the memorable year of our inception, 1994.
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Exclusive Southside Filmworks, Believe, and Spectrum Graphics

What makes these boards even more special is their meticulous craftsmanship. All boards are professional deck quality which exceeds our normal shop board product. There is also a laser-engraved Alien Workshop logo confirming the authenticity of the craftsmanship of each board.
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Nostalgic Graphics that Resonate with Skateboarders Across Generations

Three captivating graphics make up this collection. First up is the Filmworks graphic, a tribute to the iconic Alien Workshop style. Next is the Believe graphic, and lastly, the Spectrum board, a nostalgic piece that resonates with skateboarders across generations.
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Behind the Alien in the Believe graphic and at the nose of the Filmworks graphic, you will find various stained veneers, offering a vibrant and unique aesthetic with colors like purple, green, and yellow. Head over to to place your order and get your hands on these exclusive boards ranging in sizes 8" to 8.6".
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Shrink wrapped into every board are Southside Spectrum and Believe decals, adding a little extra to your collection. We look forward to finding these out in the wild in the years to come as they are properly screen-printed and built to last. We're also excited to introduce the Southside Believe tee, a timeless piece inspired by the iconic graphic that has left a mark on skateboarders for years. This tee, just like the graphics, is available on
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To commemorate this collaboration, we've partnered with our hat and pin designer Watafitted to create a special lapel pin. This pin, with glow-in-the-dark ink and a sparkle green design, is a must-have for any skateboarding enthusiast. Watch for a New Era 5950 Houston Astros custom colorway hat that's set to drop soon to go along with this pin.

We're grateful for the impact Alien Workshop has had on our skateboarding journey, and this collaboration is our way of expressing that gratitude.

As a filmer deeply rooted in skateboarding, Alien Workshop has been a constant source of inspiration. Their influence can be seen in iconic projects like Time Code, Photosynthesis, Mind Field, and the Cinematographer Project. We're grateful for the impact they've had on our skateboarding journey, and this collaboration is our way of expressing that gratitude.
Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey as we celebrate 30 years of Southside Skatepark. Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait to see these boards become a part of your skateboarding story. Thanks for taking a moment to check out this Alien Workshop x Souuthside Skatepark collaboration and thank you for helping Southside Skatepark achieve 30 year of indoor skateparking!

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Eric Visentin