June 15, 2024, Southside Skatepark presents Red Bull Keys to the City at Tranquility Park in Houston, Texas. Red Bull is providing a $6000 purse to be awarded in a cash-for-tricks format. Southside Skatepark will be inviting 50 skateboarders from across the region to participate in 3 events happening at Tranquility Park. We will have food trucks, an EMT tent, and Red Bull infrastructure on-site in support of this event throughout the day. It's going to be an incredible day here in the City of Houston, Texas and we hope to see as many people as possible at this incredible, never been done, event!
Red Bull is Providing a $6000 Purse to be Awarded
Red Bull Keys to the City presented by Southside Skatepark begins at 12 noon on July 15, 2024. Event 1 gets going on the Tranquility Park white flat bar that skateboarders have grinded from high to low transferring into the fountain itself. The $1000 purse will be applied across 5 heats of 10 skateboarders with a limited time to execute the very best tricks they possibly can. This lower entry flat bar helps the entire field warm up and get the juices flowing. The cash purse will be applied to each of the three events for creativity, and difficulty on a trick-by-trick basis. Not everything and anything will be paid out, the field of invited, amazing skateboarders, will certainly deliver what we will be looking for and we have no doubt we will run through the $1000 allotted for this event!
red-bull-keys-to-the-city-Houston-Texas-tranquility-park-event-1 $1000 purse presented by Southside Skatepark
Over 30 years of Skateboarding right here at Tranquility Park! We are Here to Celebrate the Rich History of Skateboarding through the debut of Red Bull Keys to the City here in Houston, Texas presented by Southside Skatepark!
Immediately following Event 1 in the Tranquility Fountain we turn around and begin our 5 heated sessions on Event 2 on the Original Chrome Rail and Hubba Rail scheduled to begin at 1:30 pm. It is this amazingly picturesque rail that has graced the cover and pages of Thrasher Magazine and numerous other publications since the early 1990s. That's over 30 years of skateboarding at Tranquility Park right here in Houston, Texas that is that rich history of skateboarding that we are here to celebrate. Southside Skatepark was able to tell the tale and with the help and support of Red Bull USA, we have been able to make this dream a reality. Event 2 will boast a cash-for-tricks purse of $2000 and we are sure to be seeing some of the very best skateboarding from our regional field of amazingly talented skateboarders.
Event 2 will Boast a Cash for Tricks Purse of $2000
Red Bull Keys to the City Tranquility Park will then proceed to Event 3 to take place on the large Corner Chrome Rail and Capped Planter. The event will also feature a very large kicker ramp to receive skateboarders as they gap down and most likely attempt to go upstream as the obstacle will create a step-up gap. We have allocated a $3000 purse to provide cash for the very best tricks to happen during this event's climax. You are not going to want to miss this, this has never been done here in Houston, Texas and we are hopeful that we might see more never-been-done skateboarding tricks happen during the permitted event!
red-bull-keys-to-the-city-houston-Texas-tranquility-park-event-3 presented by Southside Skatepark Houston Texas
We are Providing these Mock-Ups below to Help Clarify Our Temporary Enhancement of the Spot Itself to Elevate the Possiblities for Our 50 Invited Skateboards from Around the Region
Invitees will have Four Options During their Heats - Gap to the Wedge or Flat, Heading Upstream Making Use of the Step Up, or Stepping it Up on the Big Chrome Corner Rail
Southside Skatepark celebrates 30 years of "Your Skateboarding is Our Priority," and this event highlights a very special moment in Houston skateboarding history. So make sure you attend, if you would like to be considered to round out the field of 50 invited skateboards, please DM @southsidehtx on Instagram. Please keep in mind we are looking for those who can advance the spot's rich history of skateboarding. Naturally, not everything needs to be a never-been-done but of course, that would be what we would hope to see here, as we attempt to make history right here in Houston, Texas with support from our partner Red Bull Skateboarding and Red Bull USA!
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