Saturday September 23, 2023 presented by Southside Skatepark
This event takes place at the beach access ramp near Seawall Blvd. and 57th Street. Mark your calendars for this year's return to Red Bull DIY Galveston, Texas presented by Southside Skatepark and Southside Boardshop. Big shout out to Red Bull USA and Red Bull Skateboarding for supporting this event and helping us create this moment for our skateboarding community. Please note that we also have special event support from the Galveston Parks Board, the City of Galveston, and Galveston County! We can not wait to get back together with everyone this year. This event will be comprised of three individual cash-for-tricks money jams. We will be bringing street-focused skateboarding elements to complement last year's transitional skateboarding-focused event. Upon arrival check in at the tent so we can break up into manageable heats for each event, your wristband colors help us keep the event running smoothly. We have $2000 courtesy of Red Bull! You must have checked in and be wearing your wristband in order for us to award you for your very best skateboarding on a trick-by-trick basis.
Big Shout Out to Red Bull USA and Red Bull Skateboarding for Helping Us Create this Moment in Skateboarding
Red Bull DIY Check-In Happening 12 pm to 1 pm at the Tent!
ben-raybourn-southside-skatepark-presents-red-bull-diy-2022 photo-adam-valadez
Event 1 Begins at 1 pm and will be an Encore of Last Years Highlight Barrier Jam that Runs the Length of the Grade
tyrae carter event 1 barrier jam southside skatepark presents red bull diy galveston texas 2022 photo adam valadez
Last year one of our most memorable moments was the coast-to-coast noseblunt slide of Ty'rae Carter. There was so much incredible skateboarding during the Red Bull DIY Barrier Jam that we had to bring it back for another session. Check Out some of these amazing skateboarders in these photos and again this September 23, 2023, as we return to the Galveston Island!
Last Years Event was So Much Fun and had Such Incredible Moments!
tyrae-carter-and-omero-hernandez-celebrate-southside-skatepark-red-bull-diy-2022 photo-jose espinoza
Huge Airs and Liptricks Across the Expanding Gap made for an Amazing Event 1 Last Year
max-peterson-2022 photo adam valadez
The first Red Bull DIY money jam will take place on the lower barrier side of the beach access ramp. We will be separating the skateboarders into smaller heats during check-in happening 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. Event one will start on this barrier side of the beach access ramp at 1:00 pm. We will be keeping things moving through all small group heats concluding at 2:30 pm. The total run time of each heat will depend on how many skateboarders enter the event and how many heats we have. Once we complete event one we will roll right into event two and then event three!
Red Bull DIY Event 2 Cash for Tricks Money Jam on Two Funboxes Happening 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm. Our Plan is to Reward No-Push Ledge Lines as the Focus of Event 2.
So if Last Year's Transitional-Focused Event was Not Your Type of Skateboarding, Please Take Note that Two Funboxes Built to Enhance No-Push Ledge Lines will be the Focus of Event 2
This year we want to use the natural downgrade of the beach access ramp to set out two skatepark-quality funboxes to highlight no push lines. These will be positioned to enhance the very best in ledge line skateboarding. So if last year's transitional-focused event was not for you, this year we have something for everyone. Each of these events will be cash for tricks and lines money jams with $2000 to be awarded throughout the day
Red Bull DIY is FREE to Enter and FREE to Spectate
gavin-fesler-red bull DIY presented by southside skatepark 2022 photo-adam-valadez
Event 3 Will Be All About Holding Your Tricks for as Long as You Can On this 35 Foot Flatbar
red-bull-diy-galveston-texas-presented-by-southside-skatepark-2022-35-foot-flatbar cetafab
Once Again that Natural Downgrade of the Beach Access Ramp Should Have Skateboarders Sending It in Event 3
Be there to witness what we think could be a highlight of the day. A 35-foot flat bar has been fabricated by Houston's own Dakota Roberson and Frankie Gamboa. With a length of 35 feet, it will be a challenge to hold those grinds for the duration and should be very exciting for everyone on hand. We are looking forward to awarding our furthest, longest, and farthest tricks as they happen. You are not going to want to miss this!
Come Check out Gabriel Prusmack's 2022 Mural Instalation that Beautified the Event Site for Year Round Enjoyment by Galveston Locals and Tourists Courtesy of Red Bull
red-bull-diy-galveston-texas-presented-by-southside-skatepark-tyrae-carter 2022-photo-adam-valadez
Galveston native and longtime skateboarder surfer Gabriel Prusmack has painted two new murals running the length of the entire barrier and Seawall event area. Red Bull and Southside Skatepark are excited to have been able this beautification project to Galveston, Texas. Our skateboarding community helped keep the site totally free of litter throughout the day and we are thankful to your commitment. Let's keep that going this year at the event site and beyond to keep Galveston, Texas beautiful.
Join Us for a Beach Clean-Up the Following Morning and Our Mission Statement is to Engage the Youth in a Positive, Active, Healthy Way
Red Bull DIY Event Schedule Sept. 23, 2023
$2000 Cash for Tricks & Lines
Seawall Beach Access Ramp Near 57th and Seawall
12 pm - 1 pm Rider Check-In and Registration
1 pm - 2:30 pm Event 1 Barrier Session
2:30 pm - 4 pm Event 2 No-Push Lines on Two Funboxes
4 pm - 5:30 pm Event 3 Hold Your Tricks on a 35 Foot Flatbar
6 pm Site Clean Up and Event Break Down
Red Bull will be bringing out its mobile DJ vehicle to provide music and an MC will be on the microphone to help inform the participants and spectators what is happening and when. Red Bull is hoping to have a shade structure on the beach to keep spectators comfortable but it requires low wind on the beach and will be a event-time decision. We will be working hard to keep the entire site clean and free of litter. We are hopeful that you will help us show the City of Galveston and its residents how positive skateboarding can be. We are looking forward to seeing you and spending an amazing day where the street meets the beach for this amazing event.
We are Hopeful that You will Help Us Show the City of Galveston and It's Residents How Positive Skateboarding Can Be
red-bull-diy-galveston-texas-crowd-2022 photo-wil-widner
How Did We Get Here?
It was the skateboarding photography of Adam Valadez, Will Widner, and Sean Balusek of skateboarders riding here that caught the attention of Red Bull. These photos motivated Southside Skatepark to see if Red Bull would be interested in investing in an event. Emails began in September of 2021 reaching out to the City of Galveston, Galveston County, and Galveston Parks Board to achieve their approvals. Producing this event for our skateboarding community has been complex. We are rising to the occasion and working tirelessly to have achieved this in 2022 and bring it back in 2023. It is our hope that you will partner with us by participating, attending, and helping spread the word to friends and family. We are looking forward to hosting this very special event happening for the second time on September 23, 2023. Last year's event concluded with rave reviews from skateboarders and the citizens of Galveston alike. Let's do our best to show them the amazing side of skateboarding and skateboarders that we all know is alive and well. It was how our community conducted itself last year that has us back this year, so let's keep it positive out there!
will-correa-and-max-peterson-southside-skatepark-presents-red-bull-diy-galveston-2022 photo-sean-balusek
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