On September 23, 2023, Southside Skatepark hosted its second annual Red Bull DIY event in Galveston, TX, drawing an even larger audience than last year's estimated 1000+ attendees. The captivating event took place on the beach access ramp near 57th and Seawall Blvd, featuring exciting sessions like the Barrier Jam, No Push Lines Jam, and the Hold Your Tricks on the 35' Flatabar.
Check Out These Amazing Photos Shot by Adam Valadez and Sean Balusek
Surrounding territory skateboarders showcased their skills, with outstanding performances earning a share of the $2000 purse generously sponsored by Red Bull Skateboarding. With the electric atmosphere and thrilling displays of talent, it's no wonder this event has already become a staple for the skateboarding community.
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Events Overview:
  • Barrier Jam: A dynamic session where skaters had the opportunity to showcase their barrier tricks.
  • No Push Lines Jam: Skaters displayed seamless transitions and lines without pushing off, highlighting their fluidity and control.
  • Hold Your Tricks Session: Participants showcased their hold-on skills on the 35-foot Flatabar, testing their balance and technique.
The excitement doesn't end with the event itself. A comprehensive video recap is underway and will soon premiere on Red Bull's YouTube, while an alternate take will be available on the Southside Skatepark YouTube channel. Make sure to keep an eye out for these releases!
Community at the Heart of the Event
What made this year's Red Bull DIY event even more special was the overwhelming community support. Attendees from all corners came together to cheer on friends and family participating in the sessions. From Dallas, Texas, to Lafayette, LA, skateboarders traveled near and far to be a part of this once-a-year event. Notably, local skateboarders from Galveston took pride in representing their hometown, and we also saw strong participation from the nearby Houston skateboarding community.
Big Shout Out and Thank You to
The Gulf Coast Skateboarding Community, the City of Galveston, Parks Board Galveston, and Galveston County
Southside Skatepark is truly grateful for the unwavering support from the Gulf Coast skateboarding community, the City of Galveston, Parks Board Galveston, and Galveston County. Without their support none of this would be possible. As we reflect on the event's success, it's evident that the bond of this community plays a pivotal role in making events like these unforgettable. We look forward to even more skateboarding action in the future!
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