We are getting into the Albino Preto Nike SB Dunk Low released on September 21, 2023. As always your skateboarding is our priority!
We have brought in professional Packs to Go because there is a little too much cutting on this shoe to reveal these various color panels. First off we are now in the sail-colored box era of Nike SB and the colorway of this shoe is fossil black sail.
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"Mats don't lie tram work"
The first thing you'll see when you've opened your box is going to be a brown paper bag I cannot remember a Nike SB Dunk ever coming in about a paper bag, so this is the first. On the bag, the category is Jiu Jitsu meets skate. It continues on to say Nike SB and ANP, the season is Fall 23 Dunk Low Pro, the developer is Avrie and the Nike SB gate is final. The last line states, "Mats don't lie tram work" and if you're in the Jiu-Jitsu space you've probably heard this statement before.
Let's Pop it Open and Check It Out
Albino and Preto is known for a modern take on the Jiu-Jitsu kimonos and you can see the heavy canvas that adorns the entire exterior of the upper. The laces they come laced with are a natural bone color lace but you will notice six additional laces representing the belts of the Jiu-Jitsu practice. Really nice insole print and surprise, check out the shrimp that's hiding under the insole.
There's a Possibility You Might Cut Through Too Many Layers
Check out the cutting process, the shoe has a pretty heavy canvas on here. When you use a brand new blade you're definitely going to want to be careful. When cutting away on these materials you know there's a possibility you might cut through too many layers so I would definitely be careful when cutting through.
When I first saw the shoe and I'd seen early images of the shoe felt like it was a drop but I was unaware of the colored panels below the heavy canvas. Now having cut into it a little bit and seeing the colors and how they're revealing themselves I'm feeling like it's a cop. Check out the Southside Skatepark Youtube Channel and be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications. Never miss a drop by downloading the Southside Skateshop APP, be sure to turn the notification.
Big thanks to Packs to Go for coming out and lending us his expertise. I appreciate it thank you yeah man thanks to everybody over at Nike SB for creating such amazing shoes to talk about. Congratulations to Albino and Preto for their conceptualization, this is a sick one for sure good job!
Eric Visentin


Love my A&ps I would love to wear on the court

— LeBron James

I love my albinos I’m just to afraid to cut them to reveal the colors

— Kevin Duncan